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Nail Drying Machine

Gel Nails

Do not’s for Gel Nails

1. Do not use them as tools. For example using them as a scraper.

2. Do not pick at lifting as this can cause damage to the nail plate and make the lifting worse.

3. If there is lifting book an appointment sooner rather than later as water and food bits can get stuck under there and can cause a fungus to grow.

Do’s of Gel Nails

1. Take photos and share with your friends.

2. Feel free to tag us in your photo’s!

3. Keep your nails hydrated with lotion or cuticle oil. 

Products Used

Bonder, base, build, top coat - Young Nails

Colors - Madam Glam, Gellish, Kiara Sky, and others

For long nails or repairs - LCN fibre gel

Book an Appointment

New Set gel nails.                      $65
New set gel nails with design.     $70
Gel nail fill.                               $50
Gel nail fill with design.              $55


**Price incl. taxes. Prices subject to change see online booking for up to date pricing**

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