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Don'ts of a new piercing

1. Do not rotate, spin, move, touch, or play with your piercing.

2. Do not use cleaners that are alcohol based as these will dry out the area.

3. Do not sleep directly on the piercing. If this cannot be avoided make sure to change your pillow case every few days.

4. Do not remove jewelry to clean it.

5. Do not remove jewelry if you think you have an infection. This could cause a buildup of pus which can lead to an abscess.

Do's of your new piercing

1. Downsize your jewelry after the appropriate amount of time. This will ensure the jewelry is not too heavy during the rest of the healing period. It is pierced to allow for swelling and once the swelling has gone down it is time to change.

2.Continue to clean the area until it is fully healed.

3.Take tonnes of selfies showing off your new bling! Dont forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @Pinkbutterflyesthetics.

4. Tell all your friends about your fantastic experience.

Before your piercing

1. Do not consume alcohol or drugs before your appointment.

2. Make sure to eat at least 2 hours prior to your appointment.

3. You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Typical healing and downsizing 


Book an Appointment

Earlobe                                                  $22-45 depending on jewelry chosen

Cartilage (Helix, flat, auricle, conch)          $35

Additional cartilage                         $15

Rook, Daith, Tragus                                 $45

Snug, anti-tragus, forward helix                $40

Industrial                                               $40

Nose and septum                                    $45

Surface Piercing (eyebrow, anti-eyebrow,   $45

sideburn, bridge)

Lip (labret, vertical, medusa, munroe)        $45

Oral Piercings (tongue, web,                     $60

smiley, frowney)

Belly Button                                            $45

Nipple (just one 18+)                                $45

Nipple (both 18+)                                    $70

**Price incl. taxes. Prices subject to change see online booking for up to date pricing**

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