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Do's and Don'ts 

1. Put your phone away and relax! This also prevents the possibility of dropping it in the pedicure basin!

2. Don't cut your calluses! Hacking away at calluses can actually make the problem worse! Calluses are the body's way of protecting itself. If you are bare foot a lot or on your feet this could be the problem. The types of shoes you wear can also be a factor. Come in for regular pedicures or gently file your feet at home!

3. If you have in grown toenails try not to pick and dig at them as this could lead to an infection and cause more problems down the road. Please see a podiatrist and try to file your nails straight across.

4. Don't be embarrassed about your feet! Almost everybody hates their feet you are not alone!

5. Gel polish is applied and will be dry when you leave so no need to worry about sandals in winter!

6. Hairy legs! Please do not shave or wax before your appointment. If you need to please do so 24 hours before. Shaving can leave little nicks in the skin and increases your chances of an infection. We don't mind we promise!!!

7. A person should get a pedicure every month. We understand that sometimes that is not feasible so every 3 months is the perfect compromise!

What is included?

Gel Polish Full pedicure:

- removal of old color

- foot soak

- cuticle and nail care

- foot file

- massage

- new gel polish color applied

Gel Polish color change with cuticle and nail clean up:

- foot soak

- removal of old color

- cuticle and nail care

- new gel polish color applied

Book an Appointment

Full pedicure                           $50

Color change and cleanup         $35

Toenail reconstruction per toe.    $25

Toenail reconstruction, dry pedi. $55.  ****no polish

Toenail reconstruction, dry pedi. $70. ***** with gel polish

Add on toe wax.                      $7

add on paraffin wax.                $10

**Price incl. taxes. Prices subject to change see online booking for up to date pricing**

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